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Community Open House for the McAllen Texas Temple

Members and missionaries will be hosting an open house for members of the community who are curious about the McAllen Texas Temple under construction at 300 W Trenton Rd. The event will be held on Saturday, July 23, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the meetinghouse in Edinburg (a suburb of McAllen) located at 401 S Jackson Rd. Attendees may ask questions and learn how families can be together forever.

The McAllen Texas Temple: A Reminder of the Light of Life

The beautiful light emanating from the McAllen Texas Temple at night is a reminder of the light of life promised by Jesus Christ. "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life," (John 8:12). While landscaping of the temple grounds makes progress, interior crews continue their finish work on the temple and meetinghouse.

Palm Trees Planted on the McAllen Texas Temple Grounds

Royal palms are the latest addition to the McAllen Texas Temple grounds. Landscapers have been planting trees and shrubs for weeks, creating an oasis of the once empty corner lot. McAllen shares a special relationship with the Mexican city of Reynosa, which is located directly across the international border. The two cities signed a resolution to become sister cities on July 24, 1992. A reaffirmation signing was held on April 27, 2016.

Planting Trees on the McAllen Texas Temple Grounds

Soft landscaping began last month on the grounds of the McAllen Texas Temple including the planting of numerous trees. Plans call for 400 trees and 20,000 shrubs to cover the 10-acre site. The verdant grounds will feature handsome plazas, peaceful contemplative spaces, and colorful flower gardens. The temple will be the fifth constructed in Texas. Two more have been announced for Fort Worth and Austin, but no site locations or renderings have been released yet.

Young Single Adults Visit the McAllen Texas Temple

Members of the McAllen YSA Branch recently visited the grounds of the McAllen Texas Temple where they received a presentation from the missionary couple that oversees the visitors' center trailer on the construction progress and importance of the temple. With the exteriors of the buildings largely complete, hardscaping of the grounds is moving forward, and work is well underway on the interiors.

Nighttime View of the McAllen Texas Temple

Flood lights were recently set up at the construction site for the McAllen Texas Temple, giving a preview of how the temple may look once the permanent exterior lighting system is installed and operating. The monument sign has been installed facing the intersection of W Trenton Rd and N Col Rowe Blvd. Across the street from the temple is a meandering hike and bike trail that offers beautiful views of the temple.

Special Delivery for the McAllen Texas Temple

A special delivery was transported to the McAllen Texas Temple this week. A flatbed truck arrived on site carrying a classy monument sign, which bears the name of the Church and the name of the temple beneath the street address. The concrete panels match the design and color of the panels on the exterior walls. Crews are building concrete block planters around the temple foundation, and much of the curbing has been poured.

Temple and Meetinghouse Progress in McAllen, Texas

The light of the sun breaks through the dark clouds over the McAllen Texas Temple site where crews have begun to board up the window openings and shift their focus to the interior. The structural framing and sheathing are in place for the adjacent meetinghouse, and roofers are installing the roof deck and underlayment. The city of McAllen enjoys warm, sunny weather year round, lying at approximately the same latitude as Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Cupola Installed Atop the McAllen Texas Temple

A domed cupola was secured to the top of the McAllen Texas Temple steeple this week, completing the Mission Revival look of the building. Hardscaping of the grounds has begun for the garden spaces and landscape structures. The temple will be the fifth for the Lone Star State. A sixth temple, the Fort Worth Texas Temple, was announced two weeks ago in the closing session of the October 2021 General Conference.

Cladding of McAllen Texas Temple Nears Completion

Billowy clouds drift over the South Texas city of McAllen where the state's fifth temple is under construction. Cladding of the McAllen Texas Temple is nearly completed—the portico having been clad most recently. Framing and sheathing of the meetinghouse behind the temple in steadily progressing. McAllen lies in the Rio Grande Valley across the border from the Mexican city of Reynosa.

McAllen Texas Temple Steeple Clad in Precast Panels

Cladding of the McAllen Texas Temple in precast concrete panels in nearly finished. The windowed steeple has now been clad, leaving only the portico at the entrance to be completed. The scalloped parapets that are prominently featured on each side of the building reflect the Spanish and Mexican roots of the area, bearing a resemblance to the facade of the famed Alamo in San Antonio.

Panels Attached to the Mechanical Level of the McAllen Texas Temple

The installation of precast panels on the exterior of the McAllen Texas Temple has reached the upstairs mechanical level. The spire frame will be covered next. A few of the window openings have been boarded to enclose the building, and framing is now well underway for the on-site meetinghouse.

Installing the McAllen Texas Temple Parapet Panels

Cladding of the McAllen Texas Temple has reached the roofline where the parapet panels are being installed. At the center of the each side is a mission-style parapet facade with scalloped coping along the top and an ornamental flower design in the center. The areas yet to be clad include the entrance portico, the mechanical level, and the steeple. The portico will feature arched openings with a scroll keystone over the center arch.

Steeple Frame Installed for the McAllen Texas Temple

The McAllen Texas Temple recently received a new addition. Rising over the roof at the center of the building is the frame for the tiered steeple. Excellent progress is also being made on attaching wall panels to the building frame. The steeple will be similarly clad and topped with a domed cupola. The McAllen Texas Temple will become the second southernmost temple in the United States, just behind the Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple.

Installing Precast Wall Panels for the McAllen Texas Temple

Wall installers at the McAllen Texas Temple are making quick work of cladding the exterior of the building's steel structure in precast panels. The concrete is precisely colored and cast with elegant moldings and ornamentation for the exact positions where the panels will be attached to the building. McAllen is the largest city in Hidalgo County in the state of Texas.

Structural Frame Rising for the McAllen Texas Temple

The framing crew at the McAllen Texas Temple is throwing steel and making quick work of building the frame for Texas' fifth temple including the steel studs that will hold the mission-style facade over the entrance portico. The city of McAllen sits just over the Mexican border, forming an international conurbation with the city of Reynosa—one of six along the U.S.–Mexico border.

Structural Framing Underway for the McAllen Texas Temple

Observers of the McAllen Texas Temple construction project are excited to see steel columns being positioned and secured to the concrete foundation as the work of building moves onward and upward. Crane operators carry out the heavy lifting using of one several cranes on site. Guests are welcome to visit the temporary visitors' center housed in a construction trailer.

Ground Leveled Around the McAllen Texas Temple

Construction of the McAllen Texas Temple remains below grade with work advancing on the foundations and utility runs for the temple and the meetinghouse located behind it. The ground around the temple has been leveled and staked, marking key locations for the landscaping. The temple will be oriented toward the intersection of of Trenton Road and 2nd Street.

Excavation for the McAllen Texas Temple

In the six weeks since the groundbreaking event was held for the McAllen Texas Temple, signage has been posted outside the construction fence, and a visitors' trailer has opened where those interested in the construction may ask questions and receive other information. Excavation for the temple has been carried out, and work is progressing on building the foundation.

Ceremony Celebrates the Construction of the McAllen Texas Temple

"As the central spire rises heavenward to this beautiful house of the Lord, might we as God’s children ever increase our faith and look to the heavens for wisdom and not to the ever-shifting values of the world," said Elder Art Rascon, an Area Seventy, at the groundbreaking for the McAllen Texas Temple on November 21, 2020. Elder Rascon presided at the small ceremony and offered the prayer dedicating the site. He prayed for the thousands of Latter-day Saints "in this lovely valley in southern Texas and across the border into Mexico who have worked faithfully to establish Thy kingdom and prepared their hearts and minds awaiting this day." He thanked God the Father "for their longsuffering, fervent prayers and continued diligence to live the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Groundbreaking Announced for the McAllen Texas Temple

Elder Art Rascon, an Area Seventy, will preside at the groundbreaking ceremony for the McAllen Texas Temple in November 2020. Attendance at the groundbreaking is by invitation only, but photographs and video of the event will be available to the public shortly afterward. The temple will be constructed on a 10.6-acre site at the northwest corner of Second Street and Trenton Road. It will be a single-story temple of approximately 25,000 square feet with an adjoining meetinghouse.

McAllen Texas Temple Site Location Revealed

The location of the McAllen Texas Temple has been announced as a 10.6-acre field located northwest of the intersection of Second Street and West Trenton Road on the north side of McAllen. The temple will be a single-story building of approximately 25,000 square feet with a central spire. A meetinghouse of over 17,000 square feet will be constructed adjacent to the temple.