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Photo:  Tracey Thompson

Making Furniture Deliveries to the Layton Utah Temple

Semi-trailer trucks have been making deliveries to the Layton Utah Temple where furnishings are being taken into the building and placed in the appropriate rooms. New aerial photographs of the nearly completed temple grounds show beautiful plazas, landscaped parking lot islands, green patches of lawn, numerous trees, and dozens of flowerbeds. The temple has been under construction for 3 years and 3 months.
Photo:  Clayton Ingram

Stone Address Marker Added to the Layton Utah Temple Grounds

A stone address marker has been installed in the driveway median at the north entrance to the Layton Utah Temple site. The gates remain closed and private property signage has been posted, indicating that the grounds are not yet opened to the public. Stunning landscaping and exquisite finish work on the interior are nearing completion. Construction of the temple has been underway for three years.
Photo:  Rory Wallwork

Abundant Planting Underway at the Layton Utah Temple Site

The southwest corner of the Layton Utah Temple site is teeming with black buckets filled with green plants and colorful flowers. The spring weather has brought renewed focus on the landscaping of the grounds including the plazas at the east, north, and west sides of the building. The stained-glass windows have been installed, and finished work is progressing on the interior. The temple has been under construction for nearly three years.
Photo:  Tracey Thompson

More Stained Glass Installed in the Layton Utah Temple

On the north side of the Layton Utah Temple, stained-glass windows are being glazed behind thick panes of transparent glass. The temple's first stained-glass window was installed just over a year ago, and members are excited to see more being added. Work is currently focused on the interior. "As we touch the temple and love the temple, our lives will reflect our faith" (Thomas S. Monson).
Photo:  Michael and Becky Stucki

Layton Utah Temple Will Serve Growing Population

The double towers of the Layton Utah Temple soar over the city's surrounding residential areas. The community sits along the beautiful Wasatch Front and is home to approximately 85,000 residents, making Layton the most populous city in Davis County. The temple was announced in April 2018, and construction began two years later in May 2020. Due to the winter weather, the majority of work is being carried out on the interior.
Photo:  Elder and Sister Wilcox

Casting Light on the Layton Utah Temple

The exterior lighting system for the Layton Utah Temple has been fully installed and tested. The stone cladding looks almost white under the beautiful brightness of the floodlighting. Two monument signs have been installed on the grounds—one outside the fence at the northwest corner and the other incorporated into the landscaping on the north side. A concrete staircase has been installed at the southwest corner of the property.
Photo:  Marshall Thompson

Pavers Installed Around the Layton Utah Temple Water Feature

The installation of pavers is almost finished around the water feature at the Layton Utah Temple entrance. Lamp posts and floodlighting poles stand on concrete bases next to the walkways, and irrigation lines have been run to the circular flower pots on the porch and entrance plaza. The softscape is also progressing with most of the east, south, and west sides planted. Grass sod and mulch are filling in the garden spaces.
Photo:  Paul H

Ornamental Fence Installation Progressing at the Layton Utah Temple

More posts and metal pickets for the ornamental fence that surrounds the Layton Utah Temple grounds are being installed along the north and west sides of the property. The concrete pedestal for the monument sign is in place, and the construction trailers have been removed to accommodate the growing landscaping. Plenty of work remains on the interior of the temple.
Photo:  Marshall Thompson

Greening Up the Layton Utah Temple Grounds

Soft landscaping on the grounds of the Layton Utah Temple is transforming brown patches of dirt into vibrant green spaces. Rolls of sod are being laid on three sides of the temple, and mulch is being spread in the parking lot islands around the bushes and trees. A concrete base has been poured for the monument sign, and a oblong opening in the asphalt at the main parking lot entrance will soon become a landscaped median.
Photo:  Paul H

Paving the Main Entrance to the Layton Utah Temple Site

On the west side of the Layton Utah Temple, Rosewood Lane has been widened, paved, and improved with curb and gutter. On the same day, the main entrance to the parking lot was paved with fresh asphalt. The beautiful two-spire temple is located in a rural slice of Layton with farmland and pastures to the south and east and commercial buildings and residential development to the north and west.
Photo:  Randy Christensen

A View of the Layton Utah Temple from Adams Reservoir

The heaven-reaching spires of the Layton Utah Temple are a breathtaking site from nearby Adams Reservoir. They rise above the leafy tree line against a backdrop of purple mountains. The psalmist asks: "Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully" (Psalm 24:3–4).
Photo:  Rory Wallwork

Springtime Sees Landscaping Progress at the Layton Utah Temple

Landscaping of the Layton Utah Temple grounds has accelerated with the arrival of spring weather. A garden strip on the east end runs from the ornamental fence to the rear exit, filled with hundreds of plants and lined with deciduous trees. On the west side, curbing has begun for the remaining parking area and more of the entrance plaza hardscape has been installed including stairs. Planters and retaining walls around the north plaza are being faced in stone.
Photo:  Joshua Checketts

Layton Utah Temple: "Deer" to Our Hearts

An abundance of nature surrounded the Layton Utah Temple this evening. A glint of the Great Salt Lake and surrounding mountains accentuated the glorious pink and orange bands separating the layers of purple clouds. A small herd of deer looked on from a nearby golden field, bordered by Russian Olive trees. The temple is one of eight under construction and three under renovation in Utah. Plans have been announced for three more.
Photo:  Marshall Thompson

North Plaza Taking Shape at the Layton Utah Temple

Progress is being made on the beautiful north plaza of the Layton Utah Temple where friend and family groups will gather to greet newly sealed couples and families. Trees have been planted in the four corners of the plaza, and a wide staircase has been installed. Concrete curbing, walkways, and landscape structures continue to appear in addition to trees, bushes, and plants of many varieties. The visitors' center has been relocated from a trailer to the meetinghouse across the street.
Photo:  Marshall Thompson

Exterior Lighting Tests at the Layton Utah Temple

Exterior lighting of the Layton Utah Temple towers was captured in a set of striking photographs taken early this morning. The extensive lighting system is being installed and tested before the fine adjustments are made and the system is placed on a permanent schedule. The temple will serve Church members living in northeast Davis County.
Photo:  Greg Farley

Breathtaking Sunset at the Layton Utah Temple

The Layton Utah Temple is more beautiful than ever with the recent additions of two spires, a spherical finial, and a gold-leafed fiberglass figure of the angel Moroni. The setting sun on another day at the construction site colored the sky in a dazzling combination of pinks, blues, yellows, and purples. The temple is one of seven currently under construction in the state with four more likely to begin construction this year or next.
Photo:  Rory Wallwork

Angel Moroni Placed on the Layton Utah Temple

A gold-leafed figure of the angel Moroni was lifted into place and secured to the west spire of the Layton Utah Temple today. The bright gold shone in contrast to the wintry weather clouds around it. Although no announcement was made prior to the event, hundreds of onlookers gathered around the temple when it became apparent that Moroni would fly. The statue is a cast of Karl Quilter's sculpture.
Photo:  Paul H

West Spire Installed on the Layton Utah Temple

The first of two spires was set into place today on the west tower of the Layton Utah Temple. The west tower, which will support a statue of the angel Moroni, is exactly ten feet taller than the east tower. Stained glass installation continues while exterior lighting tests and adjustments are underway. A beautiful view of the temple is available from the east end of Oak Hills Drive looking west.
Photo:  Austin Garrett

Layton Utah Temple Windows Feature the Cherry Blossom

While activity on the exterior of the Layton Utah Temple has been limited, a beautiful new sight is catching the attention of construction observers. Round stained-glass windows have been installed in the east and west towers, featuring prominent cherry blossoms. The cherry tree will be a theme carried throughout the temple in honor of the region's history of fruit production. The influence of these roots can be seen in the names used in the area including the neighboring community of Fruit Heights and the Kaysville campground and amusement park known as Cherry Hill.
Photo:  Rory Wallwork

Inset Panels Installed Between Windows of the Layton Utah Temple

On the north side of the Layton Utah Temple, ornamental inset panels are being installed between the rows of windows where the floor joists run for the upper levels. On the east side, new planter boxes have been built as part of the continued hardscaping, and the interior is a hive of activity where crews are engaged in a variety of tasks. The spires and angel Moroni statue that will top the two temple towers have not yet been delivered.
Photo:  Rory Wallwork

Snow Covers the Layton Utah Temple Site

A recent storm at the Layton Utah Temple blanketed the ground in fresh snow, creating a stunning wintry landscape around the holy edifice. Glass has been installed in most of the window openings, and plastic sheeting covers the rest so that interior work may progress. Many of the hard elements of the landscaping were installed before the snow arrived, and members are eagerly awaiting the installation of the two spires atop the towers.
Photo:  Marshall Thompson

Hardscaping the West Side of the Layton Utah Temple

Hard elements are being added to the west side of the Layton Utah Temple grounds including the concrete footings for a pair of planter boxes and an oblong water feature. The parking area at the northwest corner of the property has been paved, and curbing has been poured for the garden area at the southwest corner, which will separate the temple property from the residence next door with a beautifully landscaped buffer.
Photo:  Rory Wallwork

Autumn Arrives at the Layton Utah Temple Site

It was a stunning autumn scene at the Layton Utah Temple this week with the majestic snow-capped mountains and fall-colored trees on full display. Crews have paved portions of the parking lots on the east and south sides of the temple, and curbing is being poured on the west and north sides. The task of enclosing the building continues so that interior work may proceed with protection from the elements.
Photo:  Marshall Thompson

Progress on the Layton Utah Temple Grounds

The sun rises over the Wasatch Mountains in Davis County, creating a dramatic halo effect over the beautiful Layton Utah Temple. The most recent photographs show the progress being made on the temple grounds including curbing, walkways, and pavement in the parking areas and trees being planted in the parking lot islands and road verges. Temporary glass is being installed in the window openings to enclose the temple before winter.
Photo:  Chad James L. Fournier

The Sun Sets at the Layton Utah Temple Site

The setting sun sits low on the horizon at the Layton Utah Temple site where construction efforts are advancing inside and out. Glass has not yet been installed to enclose the interior, but framing of the rooms is progressing and most of the window frames have been installed. Paving has begun in the parking lots, and the north plaza concrete has been waterproofed. Loads of building materials have been set on the roof for use inside.
Photo:  Paul H

Cladding of the Layton Utah Temple Completed

The installation of precast concrete panels on the exterior of the beautiful Layton Utah Temple has concluded. Metal spires are planned for the double towers that sit over the east and west ends of the building. A small opening for a door can been seen on the east side of the west tower, which will provide access to the roof. The temple is one of two under construction in Davis County—the other being the Syracuse Utah Temple.
Photo:  Marshall Thompson

East Steeple Clad on the Layton Utah Temple

The Layton Utah Temple construction site is buzzing with activity on the interior, exterior, and grounds of the project. Landscape structures have been poured for the north plaza, and curbing is in place for the east and south parking areas while lamp post and fence post installation is underway. Cladding of the exterior continues with work wrapping up on the east steeple and turning to the west. A water feature is planned for the west side of the building near the entrance.
Photo:  Marshall Thompson

Excavation for North Plaza at the Layton Utah Temple

On the north side of the Layton Utah Temple, excavation has been carried out for several landscape structures along Oak Hills Drive. Work on the parking areas east and south of the temple are making visible progress including fresh curbing around the parking lot islands that will be planted with trees. Concrete panels have been attached to the main body of the temple and work has started on the west steeple.
Photo:  Marshall Thompson

Landscaping Begins at the Layton Utah Temple Site

A recent series of aerial photographs taken of the Layton Utah Temple site shows the beginnings of landscaping efforts across the grounds. Trees that have been planted along the sidewalk and around the fenced edges of the property. Curbing has been poured for the parking area on the south side of the building, and preparations have started on the east side. Cladding of the main body of the temple in precast panels is nearing completion, which will leave only the towers unclad.
Photo:  Marshall Thompson

Cladding of the Layton Utah Temple Moving Along Swiftly

Over the past two months, the north and south walls of the Layton Utah Temple have been covered in beautifully crafted precast panels that have wrapped around to the west end. Just behind the stone walls, window frames are being installed and framing of the many interior rooms is progressing. Dozens of potted trees stand in orderly rows at the west side of the property awaiting the time that they will be planted.