Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Jordan River Utah Temple

Temple District

The Jordan River Utah Temple serves members from 62 stakes headquartered in the Central Salt Lake Valley:

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Bennion Utah East Stake
Bennion Utah Stake
Bennion Utah West Stake
Kearns Utah Central Stake
Kearns Utah East Stake
Kearns Utah South Stake
Kearns Utah Stake
Midvale Utah Stake
Midvale Utah Union Fort Stake
Midvale Utah Union Park Stake
Murray Utah Little Cottonwood Stake
Murray Utah North Stake
Murray Utah Parkway Stake
Murray Utah South Stake
Murray Utah Stake
Murray Utah West Stake
Murray Utah YSA Stake
Riverton Utah Central Stake
Riverton Utah Copperview Stake
Riverton Utah North Stake
Riverton Utah South Stake
Riverton Utah Stake
Riverton Utah Summerhill Stake
Riverton Utah YSA Stake
Salt Lake Granger East Stake
Salt Lake Granger North Stake
Salt Lake Granger South Stake
Salt Lake Granger West Stake
Salt Lake Hunter Central Stake
Salt Lake Hunter Copperhill Stake
Salt Lake Hunter East Stake
Salt Lake Hunter Stake
Salt Lake Hunter West Stake
Salt Lake Jordan North Stake
Salt Lake Utah South Stake (Tongan)
Salt Lake Utah Stake (Tongan)
Salt Lake Utah West Stake (Tongan)
Sandy Utah Crescent South Stake
Sandy Utah West Stake
South Jordan Utah Country Park Stake
South Jordan Utah Parkway Stake
South Jordan Utah River Ridge Stake
South Jordan Utah River Stake
South Jordan Utah Stake
Taylorsville Utah Central Stake
Taylorsville Utah Heritage Park Stake
Taylorsville Utah North Central Stake
Taylorsville Utah North Stake
Taylorsville Utah South Stake
Taylorsville Utah Stake
Taylorsville Utah YSA Stake
West Jordan Utah Bingham Creek Stake
West Jordan Utah East Stake
West Jordan Utah Heritage Stake
West Jordan Utah Mountain Shadows Stake
West Jordan Utah Mountain View Stake
West Jordan Utah River Oaks Stake
West Jordan Utah River Stake
West Jordan Utah Stake
West Jordan Utah Westland Stake
West Jordan Utah YSA Stake
West Valley Utah Granger Stake