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Photo:  Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Fortaleza Brazil Temple Dedicated by Elder Ulisses Soares

Brazil's seventh temple, the Fortaleza Brazil Temple, was dedicated today in three sessions by Elder Ulisses Soares, the first South American (and Brazilian) apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to dedicate the temple saying, "They could have sent any other apostle, but they gave me the opportunity. It means a lot. It is my own country, my own language, and my own people."
Photo:  Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Open House Begins Saturday for Fortaleza Brazil Temple

Public tours of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple begin this Saturday, April 27, and continue for three weeks through Saturday, May 18, 2019 (except for Sundays). Those arriving at the temple complex will be guided to a parking space and to the meetinghouse across from the temple where tours will begin. The temple will be dedicated on Sunday, June 2, 2019.
Photo:  Yara Pinheiro

Open House Structures in Place at the Fortaleza Brazil Temple

With open house tours beginning this week at the Fortaleza Brazil Temple, covered walkway structures have been assembled on the grounds to provide shade to guests who will walk between the meetinghouse and the temple as part of their open house experience. No tickets or reservations are needed to tour the temple complex, which is open daily (except for Sundays) from April 27 through May 18, 2019.
Photo:  Yara Pinheiro

Open House and Dedication Announced for the Fortaleza Brazil Temple

The First Presidency has announced the opening dates for the Fortaleza Brazil Temple. The public is invited to attend an open house beginning Saturday, April 27, and continuing through Saturday, May 18, 2019. The temple will be dedicated on Sunday, June 2, with youth devotional held the day before on Saturday, June 1, 2019.
Photo:  Tamizia Rayza

Finalizing Construction of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple

Contractors at the Fortaleza Brazil Temple are in the final days of construction before the temple passes hands to the Church for furnishing and preparing the public open house and dedication. No opening dates have been announced for the temple, but they are expected to be released shortly.
Photo:  Yara Pinheiro

Fortaleza Brazil Temple Exterior Completed

The final art glass windows have been installed in the cupola of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple, and all scaffolding has been removed, signifying the completion of the beautiful exterior of the temple. Work on the interior is in the late stages, which should be finished in the early months of 2019.
Photo:  André Bartolomeu

Exterior Lighting Tests Begin at the Fortaleza Brazil Temple

Exterior stonework has been completed for the Fortaleza Brazil Temple, and only a few windows remain to be installed. Accentuating the beauty of the stone and art glass is the newly installed nighttime floodlighting system, which is currently being tested.
Photo:  Ala Castelo

Exterior Almost Done at the Fortaleza Brazil Temple

Scaffolding remains only around the tower of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple as the long process of stone cladding and window installation draws near to a close. Inside the temple, the twelve oxen representing the twelve tribes of Israel are being installed in the baptistry where the baptismal font will rest.
Photo:  Welliton Pinheiro

Aerial Photographs of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple

The beautiful grounds of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple are on display in new aerial photographs taken of the property. An oval parking lot sits behind the temple, anchored by a landscaped garden lined with palm trees. North of the temple is an arrival center and missionary housing facility and to the west is a stake center.

Scaffolding Erected Around Fortaleza Brazil Temple Tower

Scaffolding now surrounds the recently installed framework for the cupola that tops the Fortaleza Brazil Temple tower as crews continue to make progress on the stone cladding. In the parking area behind the temple, numerous palm trees have been planted in a precise pattern.

Framework Added for Cuopla of Fortaleza Brazil Temple

The Fortaleza Brazil Temple has a conspicuous new addition atop the scaffold-covered steeple base: the steel framework for the domed cupola. Workers continue to make progress on cladding the exterior of the building, which has reached window level on some walls.

A Bird's-Eye View of Fortaleza

New photographs of the complex show the progress being made on cladding the temple and missionary housing and on roofing the stake center.

Steeple Added to Fortaleza Chapel

More progress has been made at the complex where stone cladding rises higher on the temple walls and a white steeple now caps the meetinghouse.

Meetinghouse Trusses Going Up at Fortaleza Brazil Temple

Since footings were poured for the meetinghouse at the in March, structural framing for the building is already nearing completion as crews set trusses for the roof. At the temple, windows openings are being covered, and the vapor barrier is being attached.

A Temple by the Ocean

Located just blocks from the sandy beaches of Fortaleza's Dunas neighborhood, the rising form of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple is drawing the attention of residents and tourists alike. In the coming months, the drab concrete exterior walls will be clad in a beautiful light-colored stone.

Tower Walls Poured for the Fortaleza Brazil Temple

Scaffolding has been removed from around the newly poured tower walls atop the west end of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple. And while work on the missionary housing facility is on pace with the temple, construction of the meetinghouse is progressing at a slower pace. The temple and meetinghouse will be joined by a common plaza area but will retain separate parking lots.

Tower Rising on West End of Fortaleza Brazil Temple

At the Fortaleza Brazil Temple site, concrete forms have been set in place for pouring the lower walls of the tower. Scaffolding surrounds the forms, giving crews a place to stand and guide the concrete chutes. The lower walls will be topped with a hexagonal-shaped cupola, crowned with a dome and angel Moroni statue. The temple will be the seventh constructed in Brazil.

Structural Framing Started for Fortaleza Brazil Temple Tower

The Fortaleza Brazil Temple is bringing holiness and light to the country's fifth largest city where forms and rebar are being set for the exterior walls of the domed tower. To the north of the temple, work is proceeding on the roof for the arrival center, which will provide a place for patrons to prepare to enter the temple and apartments for temple missionaries. Ground was recently broken in Brazil's second largest city for the Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple.

A View of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple from Across the Way

The rising Fortaleza Brazil Temple and arrival center can be seen from an elevated vantage point across the street, providing a wonderful view of the developing site. More concrete has been poured on the east and west sides of the temple, which will soon have an emerging tower.

Scaffolding Removed from Side of Fortaleza Brazil Temple

With the parapet poured for the Fortaleza Brazil Temple, scaffolding has been removed from the south side of the building. Attention now turns to pouring the base for the tower, which will rise high on the west side. Progress continues simultaneously on the arrival center and missionary housing facility.

Setting Concrete Forms for the Fortaleza Brazil Temple

A tower crane at the Fortaleza Brazil Temple is delivering concrete forms to the top of the exterior walls where they are being set in preparation for pouring the parapet—a low wall along the roof line that will add distinction to the building and shield rooftop equipment from view.

Rising Landmark in Fortaleza, Brazil

The second-floor walls for the Fortaleza Brazil Temple have been poured, and the concrete forms have been removed. The temple is quickly becoming a city landmark.

Fortaleza Brazil Temple Visible from Roadway

Motorists traveling along Avenida Santos Dumont in Fortaleza can easily see the rising walls of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple above the blue and white construction barrier that surrounds the property. Rebar on the west side of the building is slightly taller, as it will support the steeple.

Second Floor Walls Rising for Fortaleza Brazil Temple

The latest photographs of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple show concrete forms going up for the second-floor walls and for the elevator shaft. Structural framing continues to rise for the arrival center, and subgrade work has commenced on the adjoining meetinghouse.

Fortaleza Brazil Temple Main Floor Walls

Concrete forms stand on top of the foundation walls for the Fortaleza Brazil Temple, holding the curing main floor exterior walls. North of the temple, structural columns are rising for the arrival center where patrons can eat and prepare to enter the temple. Missionaries serving in the temple will have apartments there.

Structural Framing Rising for Fortaleza Arrival Center

At the Fortaleza Brazil Temple site, columns of rebar are rising from concrete forms as workers erect the structural framing for the arrival center and missionary housing facility.

High-Rise View of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple Construction

Concrete forms and rebar are emerging above the sandy soil at the Fortaleza Brazil Temple site as construction workers prepare to pour the foundation walls. A new photograph taken from the high-rise building adjacent to the Church property gives an overhead view of the activity.

Heavy Equipment Arrives at Fortaleza Brazil Temple Site

Construction activity has been observed at the Fortaleza Brazil Temple site where heavy equipment is clearing and leveling the ground. Elder David A. Bednar presided at the groundbreaking ceremony 4½ years ago, and the Brazilian Saints have been waiting patiently for this day ever since.

Redesigned Plans Approved for Fortaleza Brazil Temple

Government approval has been granted for the Fortaleza Brazil Temple, which was fully redesigned after the groundbreaking ceremony. A team is being assembled to commence with construction. The original double-tower design of the temple was unveiled in November 2011 at the groundbreaking.

Fortaleza Brazil Temple Groundbreaking Ceremony

Hundreds of Brazilian Saints gathered in the beautiful coastal community of Dunas in Fortaleza, Brazil, for the ceremonial groundbreaking of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple on the morning of November 15. Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve presided over the services.