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Photo:  Garrett Ammesmaki | Cody Enterprise

Modular Units for the Cody Wyoming Temple Moved

The white modular units for the Cody Wyoming Temple that have been stored behind the Y-Tex building on Big Horn Avenue for the past year are being moved to private property adjacent to the temple site. "The church is not yet commencing construction of the temple," said President Edwards, Second Counselor in the Cody Wyoming Stake. Rather, the land where the modules were being stored is needed for a planned expansion, according to owner Glenn Nielson. The community dispute over the planned location for the temple has quieted down over the past few months, as lawsuits have been considered by a district judge. However, the judge is expected to conduct a hearing and issue a decision later this month.
Photo:  Derrik Walton

Building Permit Issued for the Cody Wyoming Temple

On Monday, September 18, the City of Cody issued a building permit for the Cody Wyoming Temple with a statement explaining the decision to move forward, despite pending petitions, cross-petitions, and injunctions filed by the Church and the Preserve Our Cody Neighborhoods group in District Court. "With careful deliberation and a profound commitment to addressing community concerns, the City Council dedicated its efforts toward easing tensions and fostering collaboration among these groups to seek a resolution," the statement read. "During this time, the LDS Church representatives from Salt Lake City expressed that any further delay in the permit issuance would result in construction setbacks and significant financial losses, necessitating them to take legal action in federal court to recover damages and legal expenses." This federal lawsuit would be separate from the District Court appeals. "Engaging in a protracted legal battle does not align with our values, and we have a responsibility to be prudent stewards of taxpayer dollars," the statement said.
Photo:  Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Site Plan for the Cody Wyoming Temple Approved with Conditions

The City of Cody Planning, Zoning and Adjustment Board has narrowly approved the site plan for the Cody Wyoming Temple with conditions on the lumen output and functioning hours of the exterior lighting. No condition was placed on the steeple height, which was originally proposed at 101 feet and later at 85 feet. The decision comes after months of discord that included two petitions filed by the Church and a recent meeting held between members of Preserve Our Cody Neighborhoods and Church legal representatives who stated that they would not consider a location other than Skyline Drive. Once building permits are obtained, the Church can move forward with construction and installation of the prefabricated modules that have already been delivered.
Photo:  Leo Wolfson | Cowboy State Daily

Modular Units for the Cody Wyoming Temple Delivered

Local Church leaders have confirmed that the white modular units being stored behind the Y-Tex building on Big Horn Avenue in Cody are for the Cody Wyoming Temple. The modules were delivered some months ago, but obstacles to obtaining the approval to build still remain. A Planning and Zoning Board meeting scheduled for July 11 to discuss a height variance, conditional use permit, and site plan for the project was postponed, as requested by Church representatives. Cody Mayor Matt Hall, who is concerned over a division forming in the community, held a meeting last week with advocates and opponents of the proposed temple location to generate a constructive dialogue.
Photo:  Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Cody Wyoming Temple Neighbor Open House

Representatives from Church headquarters were at an open house held at the Cody stake center on Tuesday, June 6, to answer questions from those interested in the Cody Wyoming Temple project. Hundreds of visitors dropped by to view renderings of the building from several perspectives on Skyline Drive, which the Church says will have an average increase of traffic of 32 vehicles an hour. Some are elated by the proposed temple while others have significant concerns. A Methodist visitor took a personal view on the project and said she would be upset if the construction of a Methodist church were denied because other community members didn't like it. "Religion is personal," she said. "It’s a beautiful building. It’s on private land. Let’s move forward and not go backward."
Photo:  Tom Cook

Pre-Temple Open House Planned for the Cody Wyoming Temple

Church leaders will be available to answer questions and provide information on the Cody Wyoming Temple at a "pre-temple open house" to be held on Tuesday, June 6, from 7 to 8 p.m. at the meetinghouse located at 1407 13th Street. The open house is being held the week before a public hearing on the project where the Planning and Zoning Commission will consider applications for a conditional use permit to build the temple and an ancillary building and a special exemption request to exceed height restrictions.
Photo:  Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Exterior Rendering Released for the Cody Wyoming Temple

The official exterior rendering for the Cody Wyoming Temple has been released to the public. The 9,950-square-foot building will be constructed on a field located northwest of Skyline Drive and Cody Canal in Cody. The temple will feature a multi-tiered steeple capped with a gold pyramidal spire. It follows the same core plan as the Casper Wyoming Temple, currently under construction.
Photo:  Tom Cook

Location Announced for the Cody Wyoming Temple

The site selected for the Cody Wyoming Temple has been announced by the First Presidency. The 9,950-square-foot temple will be constructed on an empty parcel located northwest of Skyline Drive and Cody Canal near Olive Glenn Golf Club. The property will be visible from the North Fork Highway that connects Cody to Yellowstone National Park. The temple will be the third constructed in the state, joining the Star Valley Wyoming Temple and the Casper Wyoming Temple (currently under construction).