Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Cochabamba Bolivia Temple

Temple District

The Cochabamba Bolivia Temple serves members from 33 stakes and 8 districts headquartered in Bolivia:

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Achacachi Bolivia District
Bermejo Bolivia District
Cobija Bolivia District
Cochabamba Bolivia Aeropuerto Stake
Cochabamba Bolivia Alalay Stake
Cochabamba Bolivia Blanco Galindo Stake
Cochabamba Bolivia Quillacollo Stake
Cochabamba Bolivia Sacaba Stake
Cochabamba Bolivia Sarco Stake
Cochabamba Bolivia Universidad Stake
El Alto Bolivia Litoral Stake
El Alto Bolivia Los Andes Stake
El Alto Bolivia Satélite Stake
El Alto Bolivia Stake
Guayaramerín Bolivia District
La Paz Bolivia Alto San Pedro Stake
La Paz Bolivia Calacoto Stake
La Paz Bolivia Constitución Stake
La Paz Bolivia Copacabana Stake
La Paz Bolivia Miraflores Stake
Llallagua Bolivia District
Montero Bolivia Stake
Oruro Bolivia Stake
Potosí Bolivia Stake
Riberalta Bolivia District
Santa Cruz Bolivia Abundancia Stake
Santa Cruz Bolivia Central Stake
Santa Cruz Bolivia El Bajío Stake
Santa Cruz Bolivia Equipetrol Stake
Santa Cruz Bolivia La Colorada Stake
Santa Cruz Bolivia La Libertad Stake
Santa Cruz Bolivia La Merced Stake
Santa Cruz Bolivia La Pampa Stake
Santa Cruz Bolivia Paraíso Stake
Santa Cruz Bolivia Viru Viru Stake
Sucre Bolivia Stake
Tarija Bolivia Stake
Tarija Bolivia Tabladita Stake
Trinidad Bolivia Stake
Tupiza Bolivia District
Yacuiba Bolivia District