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Calgary Alberta Temple Open This Summer

The scale and timing of a renovation project planned for the Calgary Alberta Temple has been modified, meaning the temple will no longer be closed for the summer. Planning for the project is being carried out during the current maintenance closure. The temple reopens to patrons on Tuesday, May 14, 2019. It closes again for a month beginning September 2, 2019, when the renovation project will be executed.

2012 Temple Advancements

The year of 2012 saw the announcement of two temples in Tucson and Arequipa; three groundbreaking ceremonies in Provo, Tijuana, and Indianapolis; four dedications in Kansas City, Manaus, Brigham City, and Calgary; and two rededications in Buenos Aires and Boise.

Calgary Alberta Temple Dedicated

President Thomas S. Monson dedicated the Calgary Alberta Temple today in his beloved Canada where he was called to serve as mission president in 1959. The temple becomes the 140th operating temple of the Church.

Calgary Alberta Temple to be Dedicated on Sunday

Following a successful public open house, the Calgary Alberta Temple is being prepared for dedication on Sunday, October 28, at 10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 4:00 p.m. Sessions will be broadcast to all stakes and districts belonging to the Cardston and Edmonton temple districts.

Snowfall at the Calgary Temple Open House

As fall gives way to winter, beautiful white snow has covered the grounds of the Calgary Alberta Temple, which is currently open to the public for tours. The temple will become the 140th temple of the Church when it is dedicated on October 28, 2012.

Public Invited to Tour Latter-day Saint Temple in Calgary, Alberta

Beginning this Saturday and continuing through Saturday, October 20 (excluding Sundays and Saturday, October 6), the public is invited to tour the Calgary Alberta Temple. Free reservations are available online or by calling 1-855-537-2000.

Installation and Testing of Exterior Lighting in Calgary

Work on the Calgary Alberta Temple continues at a feverish pace as the starting date for the open house draws near, just two weeks away. The exterior lighting system, which will softly illuminate the temple at night, is currently being tested and configured during evening hours.

Calgary Temple Open House Reservations

Free tickets for the public open house of the Calgary Alberta Temple are now available via the open house reservation system.

Green Grass and Sign Join Calgary Alberta Temple

Work is progressing rapidly on the grounds of the Calgary Alberta Temple where sod is being laid and a monument sign has been added (still covered for protection). The public will have an opportunity to tour the temple in four weeks. Free reservations will be taken beginning September 10.

Furniture Truck Delivers Chapel Benches to be Installed in Calgary Alberta Temple

One month from today, the doors of the Calgary Alberta Temple will open to the public for free tours of the interior through Saturday, October 20. In preparation for the event, furniture is arriving at the temple in large trucks. Calgary members are excited to share this beautiful House of the Lord with their friends and neighbors. Reservations for the open house will be available beginning Monday, September 10, at templeopenhouse.lds.org.

Landscaping Progress at the Calgary Alberta Temple

The planting of trees and installation of lamp posts on the grounds of the Calgary Alberta Temple are beautifying the site of this hallowed House of the Lord under construction in Alberta's largest city. The temple will open on Saturday, September 29, for three weeks of public tours.

Calgary Alberta Temple Open House Tickets

Free tickets for the Calgary Alberta Temple open house will be made available beginning Monday, September 10, at 10:00 a.m. via the temple open house reservation system at templeopenhouse.lds.org. Friends and family may be invited using the official YouTube open house invitation.

Calgary Fence and Stairways

The grounds of the Calgary Temple are taking shape as fence poles are installed and stairways are poured including two dramatic stairways curving up from the baptistry level.

Summer Brings Landscaping Activity to the Calgary Alberta Temple

With three months remaining until the arrival of open house guests in Calgary, work on the landscaping for the Calgary Alberta Temple is in full swing with the pouring of stairs and walkways and, soon enough, the planting of trees, flowers, and shrubs.

Finishing the Baptistry Entrance for the Calgary Alberta Temple

Scaffolding is erected on the south side of the Calgary Alberta Temple where construction workers are completing the baptistry entrance to the temple. The general public will have the opportunity to tour the interior of the temple during an open house in October.

October Dedication Set for Calgary Alberta Temple

The First Presidency has announced the opening dates for the Calgary Alberta Temple. The public is invited to tour the temple from September 29, through October 20, 2012, excluding Sundays and Saturday, October 6. The temple will be dedicated on Sunday, October 28.

First President and Matron of Calgary Alberta Temple Called

Blair S. Bennett, 63, of the Edmonton Alberta Bonnie Doon Stake has been called as the first president of the Calgary Alberta Temple. President Bennett's wife, Mary Jane C. Bennett, will serve as temple matron. Both President and Sister Bennett presently serve as ordinance workers in the Edmonton Alberta Temple.

Monument Sign Identifies the Calgary Alberta Temple

A monument sign has been installed at the Calgary Alberta Temple where scaffolding has been removed from the building and the majority of windows installed, bringing the exterior of the temple near to completion. Construction is expected to continue through summer and into fall.

Scaffolding Removed from the Calgary Alberta Temple

The newly installed exterior stone of the Calgary Alberta Temple catches the morning rays in this photograph that reveals the absence of scaffolding, which has long surrounded the building's exterior, most recently the spire.

Exquisite Art Glass in Calgary Alberta Temple Now Visible

Newly submitted photographs of the Calgary Alberta Temple reveal the beautifully detailed panes of art glass that have been installed in the window openings. The design of the windows incorporates colorful trees and geometric shapes. Looking through the scaffolding surrounding the base of the spire shows that installation of the exterior granite is all but finished as well.

Sun Sets on the Majestic Calgary Alberta Temple

The light-colored granite being attached to the Calgary Alberta Temple gleams in the setting sun in this beautiful photograph. Scaffolding has been erected around the base of the spire where the majority of stone work remains.

Sunrise Highlights Newly Plated Spire in Calgary, Alberta

As the sun rises on a new day in Calgary, pinkish hues color the spire the Calgary Alberta Temple, which has recently received an exterior treatment of zinc plating, matching the granite panels that has been attached to the exterior of the main body of the temple.

Newly Added Spire to Calgary Alberta Temple Receives Stone Facing

In recent days, construction workers at the Calgary Alberta Temple have been hoisted high above the building next to the recently added spire framework to attach sheathing and zinc panels to the metal skeleton. Hundreds of members gathered to the temple site on January 12, 2012, to witness the raising of the spire framework and attached angel Moroni statue atop the beautiful structure. Construction is expected to be completed late this year.

Calgary Alberta Temple Receives Angel Moroni Statue

Hundreds of Calgary members huddled in subfreezing temperatures this morning to witness the raising of the angel Moroni statue atop the Calgary Alberta Temple. The gold-leafed figure reached its final position just after sunrise, much to the joy and gratitude of the gathered crowd.

Spire Cap Delivered to the Calgary Alberta Temple Site

The Calgary Alberta Temple reaches an important milestone this week with the arrival of the spire cap and gold-leafed statue of the angel Moroni. Calgary members eagerly look forward to the installation of these symbolic elements, which point upward in a heavenly gesture.

Christmas Eve Morning at the Calgary Alberta Temple

The first beams of light on Christmas Eve morning were captured at the Calgary Alberta Temple in this striking photograph, showing the progress of the installation of the exterior granite. The temple will serve Calgary members who currently belong to the Cardston Alberta Temple District.

LEGO Blocks Used to Create Eye-Catching Model of Calgary Alberta Temple

With a mountainous collection of LEGO blocks at his side, Andrew Love employed hours of painstaking detail to create the stunning representation of the Calgary Alberta Temple pictured on the left. Canadian members look forward with great anticipation to the completion of the temple, which has been under construction for 18 months. Beautiful granite stone is currently being attached to the building's exterior under bright orange tarps.

Granite Exterior Revealed at the Calgary Alberta Temple

As installation of the granite exterior progresses at the Calgary Alberta Temple, some scaffolding has come down to reveal the look of the temple as a granite-clad edifice. Work is being completed to the high specifications required by the Church for its most sacred structures.

Calgary Temple Curbing

As winter approaches at the 51st parallel, Calgary Alberta Temple construction workers are quickly laying curbing before the mercury drops too low. About half of the granite has been installed on the exterior including the entire north face and half of the east and west faces.

Eastern Side of Calgary Alberta Temple Receiving Granite

Installation of the beautiful stone cladding on the Calgary Alberta Temple—Canada's eighth temple—has progressed from the rear corner of the building, across the northern face, to the front side. A ninth temple for Canada is planned for the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.