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Phased Temple Reopenings for December 7

On December 7, 2020, the Barranquilla Colombia Temple and Caracas Venezuela Temple will begin Phase 1 of reopening. The Guatemala City Guatemala Temple will begin Phase 2, and the following four temples will move from Phase 2 to Phase 1: Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple, Calgary Alberta Temple, Cebu City Philippines Temple, and Edmonton Alberta Temple. These seven temples will pause operations: Fresno California Temple, Halifax Nova Scotia Temple, London England Temple, Newport Beach California Temple, Oakland California Temple, Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple, and Preston England Temple.

2018: A Year of Temple Announcements

The year of 2018 saw the dedication of 2 new temples (Concepción Chile Temple and Barranquilla Colombia Temple), the rededication of 2 existing temples (Houston Texas Temple and Jordan River Utah Temple), the groundbreaking for 1 temple (Abidjan Ivory Coast Temple), and the announcement of a whopping 19 new temples to be constructed across the globe.

Barranquilla Colombia Temple Dedicated

President Dallin H. Oaks, first counselor in the First Presidency, presided today at the cornerstone ceremony and dedication for the Barranquilla Colombia Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Take a virtual tour of this holy edifice.

Barranquilla Colombia Temple Gets a Final Cleaning

Cleaning crews are scrubbing down the exterior of the Barranquilla Colombia Temple to make it shine for its dedication this Sunday, December 9. The temple will join the Bogotá Colombia Temple as the nation's second such structure. The temple will serve members in the country's Caribbean region.

Final Day of Barranquilla Colombia Temple Open House

The final tours of the Barranquilla Colombia Temple will be conducted today as the open house concludes and the temple is prepared for its dedication on Sunday, December 9, 2018. The temple will serve Church members in the Caribbean region of Colombia who previously traveled over 600 miles to the Bogotá Colombia Temple.

Open House Tours of Barranquilla Colombia Temple Begin Saturday

Free reservations are being accepted for the public open house of the Barranquilla Colombia Temple that begins this Saturday, November 3, and continues through Saturday, November 24, 2018, except for Sundays. Following the open house, the temple will be formally dedicated on Sunday, December 9, 2018.

Video Invite to the Barranquilla Colombia Temple Open House

Send a video invitation (in Spanish) to a friend for the public open house of the Barranquilla Colombia Temple beginning Saturday, November 3, and continuing through Saturday, November 24, 2018. President Russell M. Nelson is currently in South America on a ministry tour that will conclude with the dedication of the Concepción Chile Temple on Sunday.

Barranquilla Colombia Temple Open House

The public open house for the Barranquilla Colombia Temple begins two weeks from today and concludes on Saturday, November 24, 2018. You may obtain free tickets online to tour the new building. The dedication of the temple will be held Sunday, December 9, 2018.

Fresh Flowers Planted at Barranquilla Colombia Temple Grounds

With just one month remaining before the commencement of the public open house for the Barranquilla Colombia Temple, landscapers are adding the last of the flowers that will be on display in the flowerbeds on the beautiful temples grounds. Free tours of the interior of the temple begin on Saturday, November 3, and conclude on Saturday, November 24, 2018.

Barranquilla Colombia Temple: Like a Lighthouse

Standing on a hill overlooking the Magdalena River and the Caribbean Sea, the floodlit Barranquilla Colombia Temple is like a literal and figurative lighthouse to the tempest-tossed sailors among us. "Brightly beams our Father’s mercy from his lighthouse evermore" (Hymn 335).

An Aerial Perspective on the Barranquilla Colombia Temple

The verdant rolling setting of the Barranquilla Colombia Temple is on display in newly captured aerial photography. The red pavers on the grounds complement the Bartile roofs of the temple and arrival center. All of the major landscaping is in place with just the planting of flowers remaining.

Construction Advancements at the Barranquilla Colombia Temple

Crews are hard at work at the Barranquilla Colombia Temple installing art glass, irrigation lines, and driveway pavers. Plants are filling the gardens.

Barranquilla Colombia Temple Landscaping

The grounds of the Barranquilla Colombia Temple have seen the recent addition of beautiful lamp posts, additional decorative fencing around the perimeter, and patches of sod and vegetation.

Barranquilla Colombia Temple Workers #LightTheWorld with Airborne Messages

As part of the Light the World campaign, workers at the wrote inspiring Christmas messages on pieces of paper that were attached to helium-filled balloons and released into the air. The unsuspecting recipient of a balloon will find light in the message received. Construction marches forward on the temple with decorative fencing being erected and scaffolding around the tower being removed.

Dramatic Drone Footage

Take a high-definition virtual flight over the site. The video shows roofing and landscaping progress.

Video Made of Moroni Raising in Barranquilla

Watch a beautiful video of the setting of the angel Moroni statue atop the Barranquilla Colombia Temple.

Barranquilla Temple Grounds

Red pavers and green sod are bringing color to the grounds. The angel Moroni was placed atop the temple a week and a half ago.

Temple Square Christmas Lights Begin Tonight

Visitors to will see the culmination of months of work on installing over a million Christmas lights beginning tonight at 5:30 p.m. The tradition of lighting Temple Square for Christmas has continued every year since 1965.

Moroni Flies in Barranquilla

The beloved angel Moroni statue was lifted into place atop the today, marking the completion of exterior stonework.

Palm Trees Planted at Barranquilla Colombia Temple

Two rows of stately palm trees stand in front the where crews are cladding the tower and installing the ornamental cornice along the roof line.

Cladding the Barranquilla Colombia Temple Tower

Boom lifts and swinging stages surround the tower of the as workers fasten stone cladding to the tower's base exterior walls. At the adjoining arrival center and missionary housing facility, shingling of the roof is completed in Spanish Colonial red. The temple is Colombia's second.

The Meridian Idaho Temple in LEGO Blocks

After 80 hours of design and 20 hours of building time, software engineer created a scale model of the using 5,500 LEGO blocks. The open house begins today.

Curb and Gutter Going in at the Barranquilla Colombia Temple

In front of the entrance to the newly stone-clad Barranquilla Colombia Temple, crews are pouring concrete for the curbing and walkways that will define the main patron plaza for the temple and adjoining missionary housing facility. While cladding has been completed on the temple's exterior walls, work remains to be done on the domed tower. The temple's location next to a major highway has made it the subject of much interest from passers-by.

South Wall Cladding Progress at Barranquilla Colombia Temple

Crews have made significant progress on cladding the south wall of the Barranquilla Colombia Temple. Once completed, cladding will advance to the west wall and to the domed tower. Saints in Barranquilla currently travel 1,000 kilometers to worship in the Bogotá Colombia Temple.

Advancements in Barranquilla

Stone cladding has been completed on the north and east walls of the Barranquilla Colombia Temple as brick laying continues on the arrival center and missionary housing facility.

Stone Cladding Progress at the Barranquilla Colombia Temple

The attachment of stone panels to the exterior walls of the Barranquilla Colombia Temple has progressed to the entrance side of the building, which will feature classical architectural elements including columns and archways. Cladding began on the building's north wall and wrapped around to the east. Construction of the temple and an adjoining missionary housing facility is expected to continue well into next year.

Elder and Sister Christofferson Tour the Barranquilla Colombia Temple

During a 12-day trip from April 13–24 to Colombia and Ecuador, Elder D. Todd Christofferson and Sister Kathy Christofferson toured the Barranquilla Colombia Temple site, where construction activities are steadily advancing. Elder Christofferson encouraged the Saints to prepare for the temple during a devotional address saying: "A more holy you would be a wonderful offering to take to the temple."

Cladding Begins for Barranquilla Colombia Temple

With the Barranquilla Colombia Temple now sheathed in a white insulating foam block, stone cladding has begun along the bottom of the north wall. At the adjoining arrival center and missionary housing facility, brick layers are stacking a red brick to form the building's exterior walls. The temple is the second in Colombia.

Insulating the Walls in Barranquilla

At the Barranquilla Colombia Temple, the exterior walls are being sheathed with a rigid foam insulation on top of the waterproofing membrane.

Cupola Framework Added Atop Barranquilla Colombia Temple

New steel framework has appeared at the Barranquilla Colombia Temple for the handsome cupola that will stand atop the Spanish Colonial-style tower. The temple shares a basic floor plan with the Durban South Africa Temple, located over 7,500 miles away on the African continent.