Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Bangkok Thailand Temple

Temple District

The Bangkok Thailand Temple serves members from 13 stakes and 22 districts headquartered in India, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka:

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  • Bengaluru India Stake
  • Chennai India District
  • Coimbatore India District
  • Hyderabad India Stake
  • New Delhi India Stake
  • Rajahmundry India Stake
  • Visakhapatnam India District
  • Bangkok Thailand North Stake
  • Bangkok Thailand Stake
  • Bangkok Thailand West Stake
  • Chiang Mai Thailand District
  • Ubon Thailand Stake
  • Udorn Thailand District
  • Battambang Cambodia District
  • Kampong Cham Cambodia District
  • Phnom Penh Cambodia East District
  • Phnom Penh Cambodia North Stake
  • Phnom Penh Cambodia South Stake
  • Siem Reap Cambodia District
  • Jakarta Indonesia Stake
  • Surabaya Indonesia District
  • Surakarta Indonesia Stake
  • Singapore Stake
  • Kota Kinabalu Malaysia District
  • Kuala Lumpur Malaysia District
  • Kuching Malaysia District
  • Miri Malaysia District
  • Sibu Malaysia District
  • Faisalabad Pakistan District
  • Islamabad Pakistan District
  • Karachi Pakistan District
  • Lahore Pakistan District
  • Hanoi Vietnam District
  • Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam District
Sri Lanka
  • Colombo Sri Lanka District