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Site Announced for the Auckland New Zealand Temple

During his nine-day ministering tour of the Pacific islands, President Russell M. Nelson spoke at a devotional held Tuesday night in Auckland's Spark Arena to a congregation of 12,000. He said: "Today I am pleased to announce that the new temple will be built in Auckland on Redoubt Road." The hillside site sits between an existing stake center and missionary training center. President Nelson added that the temple would be a "two-story building with a granite exterior. It's light and beauty will be highly visible."

Reactions to the Auckland New Zealand Temple Announcement

A few young adults members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints share their joyful reactions to the announcement of a temple to be constructed in Auckland, New Zealand in this video presentation. The Auckland New Zealand Temple, the country's second, was announced in the 60th anniversary year of the Hamilton New Zealand Temple.
Auckland New Zealand Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location officially announced
Hamilton New Zealand Temple
11th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; interior and exterior renovations underway; Elder Rasband visits in November 2019