Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Atlanta Georgia Temple

Dedicatory Prayers

Rededicated 14 November 1997
by Gordon B. Hinckley (baptistry only)

O God our Eternal Father, Thou great Elohim, we bow before Thee as Thy sons and daughters on this day of dedication. This sacred house was dedicated to Thee and to Thy Son fourteen years ago. Now it has undergone renovation, with the construction of a new baptistry and other extensive work.

The workmanship is beautiful. The basin, as it is called in the Old Testament, rests on the backs of twelve oxen, symbolic of the twelve tribes of Israel. Here will be carried forward the great work of vicarious baptism in behalf of the dead. Without this work in their behalf, they cannot go forward on the way that leads to eternal life. They must be born of the water and of the spirit. This is the great foundation ordinance of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Lord Himself spoke of it when He walked upon the earth. The Saints in the ancient Church practiced it, and in this, the dispensation of the Fullness of Times, Thou hast again instituted it. Obedient to Thy will, these baptismal fonts are found in all of Thy dedicated temples, and, now, acting in the authority of the holy priesthood in us vested, the priesthood which comes from Thee, as a delegation of Thine authority, and in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Redeemer, we dedicate and consecrate this baptismal font and other features unto Thee and Thy Son for the sacred work to be done in this, Thy holy house.

Wilt Thou accept it, dear Father, and sanctify it, and bless it to Thy divine purposes. May it be regarded by all who serve here with holiness before Thee. Bless those who come to this house for this work, and particularly the youth of Thy Church, with a great sense of appreciation for the opportunity that is theirs? May they be touched by Thy Holy Spirit with the knowledge that they are doing something of everlasting importance? May they come to realize through this service that life is eternal, and that all, either in life or in death, must accept the ordinance of baptism if they are to move forward on their eternal journey. May this consecrated service lead to increased appreciation for the great Atonement of Thy Beloved Son in behalf of the sons and daughters of God of all generations.

Father, we pray that Thou wilt bless all who serve in this, Thy sacred house, whatever the ordinance may be. Watch over them, guide them, increase their faith, strengthen their testimonies and bless them to work with unselfishness in behalf of those who have gone beyond the veil of death.

We pray for the temple presidency, for all of the ordinance workers, for the matron and her assistants, and the women who serve here, and every one who has to do with the operation of this, the House of the Lord.

Now, dear Father, we express our overwhelming appreciation and love for Thee, our God, and Thy Son, our Lord and Redeemer. Help us to live worthy of the blessings Thou hast showered so richly upon us. Bless the great work of redemption that goes on in this and all other temples. Bless Thy people everywhere that they may walk in faith before Thee. Bless all who serve Thee in righteousness, wherever they may be, that Thy will may be done on earth as it is in heaven.

And, now, on this sacred day of dedication, may we resolve to dedicate ourselves more fully to the accomplishment of Thy holy work and the consummation of Thy divine purposes, we humbly ask, in the name of our Redeemer, even the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.