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More Temples to Reopen Including in Africa

Fourteen temples reopen today under phase 1, and eleven more will reopen next Monday. Temples are reopening in Africa (Ghana and Nigeria) for the first time since the announcement in March that temporarily closed all temples as a precaution against COVID-19. Additional temples reopen in Asia, Europe, the Pacific, and the United States.

Aba Nigeria Temple Reopens for Ordinance Work

In June 2009, the Aba Nigeria Temple was evacuated and closed following incidents of crime and violence in the area including gunfire and kidnappings. A year later, improved security has been implemented at the temple and ordinance work has resumed for small groups by appointment.

Aba Nigeria Temple To Reopen

At the annual conference of the International Society at BYU, Georges Bonnet—director of the Church's operations and maintenance division—said the Aba Nigeria Temple is "closed, but not for very much longer. We're just doing some things on the complex to improve security." The temple closed in August 2009 due to violence in the area.

Bullets Holes and Violence Close the Aba Nigeria Temple

"As a precautionary measure, temple workers have been moved to other areas and the has been closed while the situation is being addressed," a Church statement said regarding a recent outburst of violence that left eight bullet holes in the front door of the temple.