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Photo:  Tempelseite Pfahl Wien-Österreich Facebook page

Preliminary Construction Activities at the Vienna Austria Temple Site

Preliminary construction activities have been carried out over the past few months at the Vienna Austria Temple site. Core samples of the soil have been retrieved, and groundwater measuring equipment has been installed. Core samples are analyzed to determine the bearing capacity of the ground, giving engineers the information needed to design an appropriate foundation. The temple's location was announced five months ago. No groundbreaking date has been announced.
Photo:  Google

Meetinghouse Property Announced as the Vienna Austria Temple Site

A news release has announced that the Döbling Ward meetinghouse site will become the location of the Vienna Austria Temple. The 0.80-acre property is located at Silbergasse 2 in Vienna. Plans call for a multistory temple of approximately 15,300 square feet. It will be the first temple built in the country. An exterior rendering and groundbreaking date will be released later.