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101st dedicated temple in operation
Recife Brazil Temple

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Rua Dr. José de Góes, 280
52060-380  Recife–PE
Telephone:  (+55) 81-2129-4300


Clothing rental available
NO cafeteria food served
Patron housing available
Distribution center nearby (Store Locator)


13 January 1995

Groundbreaking and Site Dedication: 

11 November 1996 by Gordon B. Hinckley

Public Open House: 

11 November–2 December 2000


15 December 2000 by Gordon B. Hinckley


5.59 acres  |  2.3 hectares

Exterior Finish: 

Asa branca granite from the Brazilian state of Ceara

Architectural Features: 

Single attached central spire with an angel Moroni statue

Ordinance Rooms: 

Two instruction rooms, three sealing rooms, and one baptistry

Total Floor Area: 

37,200 square feet  |  3,456 square meters


14 feet  |  5 meters

Temple History

The Recife Brazil Temple was the second temple built in Brazil.

Before the Recife Brazil Temple was constructed, the closest temple for members in Recife was the São Paulo Brazil Temple—a fifty-hour drive away.

Temple Groundbreaking

Speaking of the temple's construction at the groundbreaking ceremony, President Hinckley said, "This is part of the plan of the Lord. The gospel is not complete without the ordinances of the Church. It is necessary that we add this holy house. We hope, brothers and sisters, that you will live worthy of it. We hope that you will come here frequently. We hope that everyone in this area who becomes a member of the Church will have the opportunity of coming here to do ordinance work. Only as this is done can the work of the Lord be completed.

"Now we have at least two years in which to get ready. Let every man and woman in this congregation, let every boy and girl over 12 years of age, resolve that you will come to the House of the Lord. The boys and girls to do baptisms for the dead, the men and women to receive their endowments, to be sealed in the Lord's holy house, and then to come back again and again and again. We anticipate that this temple will take care of many, many thousands of members in this northern area of Brazil. God bless you, my wonderful associates. It is wonderful to be here as we break this ground."1

  1. Church News, 23 Nov. 1996.

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