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Photo:  Ethan Searle

Cladding the North End of the Burley Idaho Temple

White billowy clouds slowly drift over South Central Idaho where crews are busily working to construct the Burley Idaho Temple. With cladding largely completed on the east and west sides of the building, work is now progressing on the north end where the baptistry and celestial room will be located.
Photo:  Ethan Searle

Sidewalks and Parking Lot Pavement for the Burley Idaho Temple

At the Burley Idaho Temple site, the installation of sidewalks and parking lot pavement has made excellent progress. Cladding of the temple exterior is nearly finished on the west and east sides. The north (rear) side, south (front) side, and steeple will come next. Ground was broken for the temple about 13 months ago, and construction has moved forward steadily every since.
Photo:  Jeremy Searle

Curbing and Walkways Installed on the Burley Idaho Temple Grounds

An aerial view of the Burley Idaho Temple grounds shows the circular layout planned for the parking areas. The concrete curbing, walkways, and sidewalks have been installed. The large area in front of the temple will be beautifully landscaped, providing a location for photographs with the temple. The majority of the west side has been clad in stone, and the south face is sheathed.
Photo:  Ethan Searle

Window Installation at the Burley Idaho Temple

Window frames and glass have been installed in many of the window openings in the Burley Idaho Temple. Stone cladding continues on the west side of the building, and sheathing of the south portico has begun. Most of the yellow sheathing boards have been coated in a dark waterproofing sealer.
Photo:  Ethan Searle

Roofing Materials Delivered to the Burley Idaho Temple Site

Roofing materials have been delivered and staged on the Burley Idaho Temple site. Stone cladding continues at the northwest corner where the work began. Some of the granite pieces feature a potato flower design in honor of the area's agricultural roots, especially in potato farming. Burley was originally founded as a railway stop in 1905. It was named after David Ellsworth Burley, a railroad official.
Photo:  Ethan Searle

Stone Cladding of the Burley Idaho Temple Underway

Exterior cladding of the Burley Idaho Temple has begun at the northwest corner of the building. The cladding is installed using vertical brackets that are bolted through the sheathing boards to the steel studs underneath. Interior framing, sheathing, damp proofing, and cladding are all in progress. Transparent glass is being installed in some of the window openings.
Photo:  Ethan Searle

Wind Storm Takes Down Fence at Burley Idaho Temple Site

Southerly wind gusts of 50 to 70 miles per hour (80 to 112 kilometers per hour) were measured yesterday along the Interstate 84 and 86 corridor between the cities of Burley and Pocatello in the state of Idaho. At the Burley Idaho Temple site, the violent winds knocked down portions of the chain-link fence around the property because the attached privacy screens prevented the wind from passing through. Framing and sheathing of the temple continue.
Photo:  Ethan Searle

Sheathing of the Burley Idaho Temple Underway

Yellow sheathing boards are being attached to the steel frame of the Burley Idaho Temple, creating a solid surface for the exterior walls. Openings have been left for the windows, which are arranged in two rows of ten on each of the long sides of the temple. The main entrance of the south-facing building will catch the sun in the winter months, helping to keep the area clear of snow.
Photo:  Ethan Searle

Staircases Installed in the Burley Idaho Temple

Staircase frames have been added inside the Burley Idaho Temple, and light framing for the exterior walls is progressing. A crane is used to lift and roughly position pieces of steel while workers in boom lifts make detailed adjustments and fasten them into place. The two-story temple is rising in a developing residential area at the southeast edge of Burley near the Snake River.
Photo:  Joseph Kloepfer

Steeple Frame Added to the Burley Idaho Temple

A telescoping crane lifted the steeple frame for the Burley Idaho Temple into place yesterday. The steeple will reach much higher when it is topped with a fluted multi-tiered spire later in the construction process. The temple in Burley is the only temple in Idaho currently under construction, but two more are in the planning phases: the Teton River Idaho Temple and the Montpelier Idaho Temple.
Photo:  Ethan Searle

Framing of the Burley Idaho Temple Progresses

The structural frame for the main body of the Burley Idaho Temple is in place, including the beginnings of the platform that will hold the steeple. The frame for the steeple lies in a staging area near the temple where it awaits installation. The ground floor of the building has been wrapped in plastic sheeting to protect crews and equipment from the winter weather during the rough-in phase. Construction began six months ago.
Photo:  Ethan Searle

Heavy Framing of the Burley Idaho Temple Underway

Construction of the steel frame for the two-story Burley Idaho Temple is making headway. The process began with securing steel columns to anchor bolts in the concrete foundation. Horizontal I-beams were then set in place to roughly tie the columns together. Later, a steel erector will plumb all the columns and square the horizontal sections, tightening any loose-fitting bolts and adding secondary bolts that were left our during the rough-fit phase. A truck-mounted crane is performing the heavy lifting of steel pieces.
Photo:  Shanna Anderson

Building a Drainage System for the Burley Idaho Temple Site

A lone steel column rises from the Burley Idaho Temple site where foundation work has been underway for three and a half months. The heavy steel frame for the superstructure of the building will rise over the coming months. Work is also progressing on a drainage system for the property. Drainage ditches have been dug, and concrete drainage boxes have been delivered.
Photo:  Shanna Anderson

Forming the Foundation Walls of the Burley Idaho Temple

Concrete formwork for the foundation walls of the Burley Idaho Temple has reached just above ground level. Before the footings and were poured, small rocks with written names and scripture references from Church members were placed underneath the foundation rebar. A mountain range lies several miles south of the temple, creating a beautiful backdrop for this House of the Lord.
Photo:  Ethan Searle

Member Rocks Added to the Burley Idaho Temple Foundation

Ahead of the foundation pours for the Burley Idaho Temple, rocks were distributed and collected by the family history center for use in the concrete. Members wrote their names on these rocks as a way to truly feel part of the temple. Member rocks will continue to be used in future concrete pours. A drop-off bucket is available at the family history center at 224 E 14th St for collection.
Photo:  Ethan Searle

Construction of the Burley Idaho Temple Underway

In the week and a half since ground was broken for the Burley Idaho Temple, the site has been cleared, a chain-link fence has been erected, construction trailers have been hauled on site, and heavy equipment has begun the work of building the foundation. A drill rig will bore deep shafts into the ground for the rammed aggregate piers that will transfer the weight of the building to the hard strata below.
Photo:  Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Community Gathers to Break Ground on the Burley Idaho Temple

Elder Brent H. Nielson of the Presidency of the Seventy presided at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Burley Idaho Temple on Saturday, June 4, 2022. Elder Nielson, who was born and raised in Burley, said, "It was just a few hundred yards from here where I learned to…love and enjoy life and the wonderful abundance that the Lord has blessed all who reside in this beautiful Magic Valley." The 38,600-square-foot temple will be constructed on a 10.1-acre site at 40 South and 150 East in Burley. "When soil is turned and seeds are sown, a bountiful harvest is always expected," said Elder Nielson in the dedicatory prayer. "As we turn this soil, we pray for an eternal harvest as a house of the Lord, a holy temple, rises out of the ground in this place."
Photo:  Ethan Searle

Burley Idaho Temple Site Cleared Ahead of Groundbreaking

The 10.1-acre site where the Burley Idaho Temple will be constructed has been cleared and leveled in preparation for the groundbreaking event scheduled for Saturday, June 4, 2022—three weeks from today. The residence that once stood on the property was demolished several weeks ago. The temple will be the seventh built in Idaho, and like the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple, will stand near the Snake River. Two other Idaho temples have been announced for North Rexburg and Montpelier.
Photo:  Google

June Groundbreaking Announced for the Burley Idaho Temple

Construction of the Burley Idaho Temple will formally commence on Saturday, June 4, 2022. Elder Brent H. Nielson of the Quorum of the Seventy, who was born in Burley, will preside at the groundbreaking event. The site for the temple is a 10.1-acre piece of farmland located at 40 South and 150 East. The two-story building will be approximately 38,600 square feet and join six other dedicated temples in the state of Idaho.
Photo:  Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Rendering Released for the Burley Idaho Temple

The official exterior rendering has been released for the Burley Idaho Temple, which will be constructed on a 10.1-acre parcel of farmland at 40 South and 150 East, just west of the Snake River and Highway 81. The two-story temple will be approximately 38,600 square feet. No groundbreaking date has been announced yet.
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Farm Near Snake River Selected for the Burley Idaho Temple

A 10.1-acre piece of farmland, located just west of the Snake River and Highway 81 at 40 South and 150 East, has been announced as the site for the Burley Idaho Temple. Plans call for a two-story temple of approximately 38,600 square feet. The temple will be the seventh in the state, joining the Boise Idaho Temple, Idaho Falls Idaho Temple, Meridian Idaho Temple, Pocatello Idaho Temple, Rexburg Idaho Temple, and Twin Falls Idaho Temple.