Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Temples of Idaho

Temple Dedicated
1 Idaho Falls Idaho Temple September 23, 1945
2 Boise Idaho Temple May 25, 1984
3 Rexburg Idaho Temple February 10, 2008
4 Twin Falls Idaho Temple August 24, 2008
5 Meridian Idaho Temple November 19, 2017
6 Pocatello Idaho Temple November 7, 2021
7 Burley Idaho Temple Under Construction
8 Montpelier Idaho Temple Under Construction
9 Teton River Idaho Temple Under Construction

Stakes and Districts of Idaho

American Falls Idaho Stake
Ammon Idaho East Stake
Ammon Idaho Foothills Stake
Ammon Idaho North Stake
Ammon Idaho Stake
Arimo Idaho Stake
Ashton Idaho Stake
Blackfoot Idaho East Stake
Blackfoot Idaho Northwest Stake
Blackfoot Idaho South Stake
Blackfoot Idaho Stake
Blackfoot Idaho West Stake
Boise Idaho Amity Stake
Boise Idaho Central Stake
Boise Idaho East Stake
Boise Idaho North Stake
Boise Idaho Stake
Boise Idaho West Stake
Boise Idaho YSA Stake
Burley Idaho Stake
Burley Idaho West Stake
Caldwell Idaho East Stake
Caldwell Idaho Snake River Stake
Caldwell Idaho Stake
Carey Idaho Stake
Chubbuck Idaho Stake
Coeur d'Alene Idaho Stake
Declo Idaho Stake
Driggs Idaho Stake
Eagle Idaho Stake
Emmett Idaho Stake
Filer Idaho Stake
Firth Idaho Stake
Franklin Idaho Stake
Grace Idaho Stake
Hayden Lake Idaho Stake
Idaho Falls Ammon West Stake
Idaho Falls Central Stake
Idaho Falls Eagle Rock Stake
Idaho Falls East Stake
Idaho Falls Green Valley Stake
Idaho Falls Lincoln Stake
Idaho Falls North Stake
Idaho Falls Pheasant Grove Stake
Idaho Falls South Stake
Idaho Falls Stake
Idaho Falls Taylor Mountain Stake
Idaho Falls West Stake
Idaho Falls YSA Stake
Iona Idaho South Stake
Iona Idaho Stake
Jerome Idaho Stake
Kimberly Idaho Stake
Kuna Idaho East Stake
Kuna Idaho Stake
Lewiston Idaho Stake
Malad Idaho Stake
McCammon Idaho Stake
Menan Idaho Stake
Meridian Idaho East Stake
Meridian Idaho Fuller Park Stake
Meridian Idaho Linder Stake
Meridian Idaho North Stake
Meridian Idaho Settlers Park Stake
Meridian Idaho South Stake
Meridian Idaho Stake
Meridian Idaho Victory Stake
Meridian Idaho West Stake
Middleton Idaho East Stake
Middleton Idaho Stake
Montpelier Idaho South Stake
Montpelier Idaho Stake
Moore Idaho Stake
Moscow Idaho Stake
Mountain Home Idaho Stake
Nampa Idaho East Stake
Nampa Idaho North Stake
Nampa Idaho Ridgevue Stake
Nampa Idaho South Stake
Nampa Idaho West Stake
Nampa Idaho YSA Stake
Oakley Idaho Stake
Paris Idaho Stake
Paul Idaho Stake
Pocatello Idaho Alameda Stake
Pocatello Idaho Central Stake
Pocatello Idaho East Stake
Pocatello Idaho Highland Stake
Pocatello Idaho North Stake
Pocatello Idaho Stake
Pocatello Idaho Tyhee Stake
Pocatello Idaho West Stake
Pocatello Idaho YSA Stake
Post Falls Idaho Stake
Preston Idaho East Stake
Preston Idaho North Stake
Preston Idaho South Stake
Rexburg Idaho Center Stake
Rexburg Idaho East Stake
Rexburg Idaho Henry's Fork Stake
Rexburg Idaho Married Student 1st Stake
Rexburg Idaho Married Student 2nd Stake
Rexburg Idaho Married Student 3rd Stake
Rexburg Idaho Married Student 4th Stake
Rexburg Idaho North Stake
Rexburg Idaho South Stake
Rexburg Idaho Stake
Rexburg Idaho West Stake
Rexburg Idaho YSA 1st Stake
Rexburg Idaho YSA 2nd Stake
Rexburg Idaho YSA 3rd Stake
Rexburg Idaho YSA 4th Stake
Rexburg Idaho YSA 5th Stake
Rexburg Idaho YSA 6th Stake
Rexburg Idaho YSA 7th Stake
Rexburg Idaho YSA 8th Stake
Rexburg Idaho YSA 9th Stake
Rexburg Idaho YSA 10th Stake
Rexburg Idaho YSA 11th Stake
Rigby Idaho East Stake
Rigby Idaho Holbrooke Stake
Rigby Idaho South Stake
Rigby Idaho Stake
Ririe Idaho Stake
Rupert Idaho Stake
Rupert Idaho West Stake
Salmon Idaho Stake
Sandpoint Idaho Stake
Shelley Idaho South Stake
Shelley Idaho Stake
Soda Springs Idaho Stake
St Anthony Idaho Stake
Star Idaho Stake
Sugar City Idaho Stake
Terreton Idaho Stake
Twin Falls Idaho East Stake
Twin Falls Idaho South Stake
Twin Falls Idaho Stake
Twin Falls Idaho West Stake
Ucon Idaho Stake
Weiser Idaho Stake
Wendell Idaho Stake

Map of Idaho