Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Temples of Japan

Temple Dedicated
Fukuoka Japan Temple June 11, 2000
Okinawa Japan Temple November 12, 2023
Sapporo Japan Temple August 21, 2016
Tokyo Japan Temple October 27, 1980

Stakes and Districts of Japan

Aomori Japan District
Chiba Japan Stake
Fukuoka Japan Stake
Hiroshima Japan Stake
Hokkaido Japan North Stake
Hokkaido Japan South Stake
Kagoshima Japan District
Kanagawa Japan Stake
Kanazawa Japan Stake
Kiryu Japan Stake
Kobe Japan Stake
Koriyama Japan District
Kumamoto Japan Stake
Kyoto Japan Stake
Matsudo Japan Stake
Matsuyama Japan District
Morioka Japan District
Nagano Japan District
Nagasaki Japan District
Nagoya Japan East Stake
Nagoya Japan Stake
Niigata Japan District
Okayama Japan Stake
Okinawa Japan Military District
Okinawa Japan Stake
Osaka Japan Stake
Sendai Japan Stake
Shizuoka Japan Stake
Takamatsu Japan District
Tokyo Japan South Stake (English)
Tokyo Japan Stake
Tokyo Japan West Stake
Yamaguchi Japan District

Map of Japan