Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Map of Guatemala

Temples of Guatemala

Temple Dedicated
Cobán Guatemala Temple Under Construction
Guatemala City Guatemala Temple December 14, 1984
Huehuetenango Guatemala Temple Announced
Miraflores Guatemala City Guatemala Temple Under Construction
Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple December 11, 2011

Stakes and Districts of Guatemala

Amatitlán Guatemala Stake
Antigua Guatemala Stake
Chimaltenango Guatemala Stake
Chulac Guatemala Stake
Coatepeque Guatemala Stake
Cobán Guatemala Stake
Cuilapa Guatemala District
Escuintla Guatemala Stake
Guatemala City Atlántico Stake
Guatemala City Bosques de San Nicolás Stake
Guatemala City Central Stake
Guatemala City Don Justo Stake
Guatemala City El Molino Stake
Guatemala City Florida Stake
Guatemala City La Esperanza Stake
Guatemala City La Laguna Stake
Guatemala City Las Victorias Stake
Guatemala City Mariscal Stake
Guatemala City Milagro Stake
Guatemala City Montserrat Stake
Guatemala City Nimajuyu Stake
Guatemala City Palmita Stake
Guatemala City San Cristóbal Stake
Guatemala City Stake
Guatemala City Utatlán Stake
Guatemala City Villa Hermosa Stake
Guazacapan Guatemala District
Huehuetenango Guatemala Calvario Stake
Huehuetenango Guatemala Central Stake
Huehuetenango Guatemala Zaculeu Stake
Jalapa Guatemala Stake
Linda Vista Guatemala Stake
Malacatán Guatemala Stake
Mazatenango Guatemala Stake
Momostenango Guatemala Stake
Momostenango Guatemala West District
Motagua Guatemala District
Patzicia Guatemala Stake
Paxajtup Guatemala District
Pueblo Nuevo Tiquisate Guatemala District
Puerto Barrios Guatemala District
Quetzaltenango Guatemala El Bosque Stake
Quetzaltenango Guatemala Santa Fé Stake
Quetzaltenango Guatemala Stake
Quetzaltenango Guatemala West Stake
Retalhuleu Guatemala Las Palmas Stake
Retalhuleu Guatemala Stake
Río Blanco Guatemala District
Sacsuha Guatemala District
Salama Guatemala District
San Benito Guatemala Stake
San Felipe Guatemala Stake
San Marcos Guatemala Stake
San Pedro Guatemala Stake
Santa Cruz del Quiche Guatemala District
Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa Guatemala Stake
Senahu Guatemala Stake
Serchil Guatemala District
Sololá Guatemala Stake
Totonicapán Guatemala Stake
Villa Nueva Guatemala El Frutal Stake
Villa Nueva Guatemala Stake
Zacapa Guatemala Stake