Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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12 Under Construction   •   11 Under Renovation   •   28 Announced

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Temples Under Construction

  Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire Temple
  Arequipa Peru Temple
  Bangkok Thailand Temple
  Durban South Africa Temple
  Fortaleza Brazil Temple
  Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple
  Lisbon Portugal Temple
  Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple
  Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple
  Rome Italy Temple
  Urdaneta Philippines Temple
  Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

Temples Under Renovation

  Asunción Paraguay Temple
  Barranquilla Colombia Temple
  Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple
  Concepción Chile Temple
  Frankfurt Germany Temple
  Hamilton New Zealand Temple
  Memphis Tennessee Temple
  Mesa Arizona Temple
  Oakland California Temple
  Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple
  Raleigh North Carolina Temple
  Tokyo Japan Temple
  Washington D.C. Temple

Announced Temples

  Auckland New Zealand Temple
  Belém Brazil Temple
  Bengaluru India Temple
  Brasília Brazil Temple
  Cagayan de Oro Philippines Temple
  Davao Philippines Temple
  Greater Manila Philippines Temple
  Harare Zimbabwe Temple
  Lagos Nigeria Temple
  Layton Utah Temple
  Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple
  Managua Nicaragua Temple
  Mendoza Argentina Temple
  Nairobi Kenya Temple
  Phnom Penh Cambodia Temple
  Pocatello Idaho Temple
  Praia Cabo Verde Temple
  Puebla Mexico Temple
  Quito Ecuador Temple
  Richmond Virginia Temple
  Russia Temple
  Salta Argentina Temple
  Salvador Brazil Temple
  San Juan Puerto Rico Temple
  Saratoga Springs Utah Temple
  Washington County Utah Temple
  Yigo Guam Temple
  Yuba City California Temple