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Design Review for the Provo Utah Temple

Plans for the new Provo Utah Temple go before the Provo City Design Review Committee next Thursday. The larger and taller building would be a complete replacement of the existing temple. Temple Hill Drive, the street located west of the temple site, would be vacated and become part of the new grounds. The new temple would be constructed slightly west of the existing building, allowing for ample parking around the entire edifice and reducing the slope that patrons must climb to enter the House of the Lord.
Photo:  Jonathon Floyd

Reconstruction Closure Date Announced for the Provo Utah Temple

The closure date for the Provo Utah Temple, which will be reconstructed under a new design, has been announced as Saturday, February 24, 2024, at the conclusion of ordinance work for the day. Members of the temple district are encouraged to attend other temples during the closure as their circumstances permit. Those desiring to receive their own ordinances should contact a temple in the surrounding area to schedule an appointment.
Photo:  Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Planned Design Unveiled for the Provo Utah Temple

Church officials have given the public a glimpse of the planned design for the Provo Utah Temple, which will be reconstructed following the dedication of the Orem Utah Temple. The three-story edifice will stand at the same location as the existing building and feature striking gold accents including the spire. Just as it was constructed originally, the temple will not have an angel Moroni statue. A statue was added in 2003 as part of a renovation project that also turned the spire from gold to white. No specific date for the closure of the temple has been announced.

Temple District Changes Come to Utah Valley

In preparation for the Payson Utah Temple dedication next month when numerous temple workers will be transferred from the Provo Utah Temple, all of the stakes in Orem have been reassigned from the Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple District to the Provo Utah Temple District.

Ogden's "Sister Temple" in Provo Has No Plans For Makeover

Following the announcement that the Church would completely transform the exterior appearance of the Ogden Utah Temple, questions began to fly regarding its counterpart in Provo. Would it receive the same treatment? Church officials say no plans are on the table.